Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The way my day week month is going....

Butterfly says: vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt
Butterfly says: do you have a gun?
Natorchen says: yes
Butterfly says: shoot me right between the eyeballs please
Natorchen says: how 'bout a kiss instead
Butterfly says: and don't miss or i will KICK your ass for making me a vegetable
Natorchen says: that rough of a day?
Butterfly says: i'm just incredibly sick of dumb people
Natorchen says: you and me both
Butterfly says: let's kill them all and just cohabitate with cool people that aren't dumb
Butterfly says: k?
Butterfly says: k

Natorchen says: word
Natorchen says: we would eventually be overrun though

Butterfly says: yah you are would be like lord of the flies and we would be eaten
Natorchen says: stupid people breed... a lot!
Butterfly says: oh well...nice thought while it lasted
Natorchen says: hehehe


Historical Wit said...

Have you seen Idiocracy? If not go rent it. It might not strike you as funny at first, but then you get to thinkin about it and then you watch it again and damn if it aint funny.

Dandelion seeds said...

I prefer banging my head against the's more dramatic that way

j.elliot said...

Hello. Hello.

So glad to see you are back and...ok(?)