Monday, October 01, 2007

The Feast of The Weatherman

weekend was good...not long enough, but when is it ever? got to spend some quality time with Horizon, which was MUCH needed.

i went and saw "The Feast of Love" with my mom and my sis on saturday. what a spectacular film...beautifully written story and powerful message. the only thing i thought this movie could have done without was the sex scenes. now don't get me wrong, i am no prude and enjoy sex scenes as much as the next guy (girl)....but this was not the movie for that. i think it took away from the plot and just didn't belong. but overall, i was quite impressed with this one. (still not COMPLETELY sure how the title ties into the film...)

afterwards, we got back to my folks house and watched "The Weatherman". i would call myself a fan of nick cage, but i'm a HUGE fan of michael caine. i'm still a little unsure of how i felt about this movie. i laughed my ass off (at inopportune times i'm sure) and felt depressed, then on the other hand, questioning "wtf is going on here?" it was definitely interesting. i must say. not sure if i liked it or not, but i enjoyed watching it that's for sure. i tried to find a clip on youtube where he's describing how he started getting hit by random food in the beginning he thought it was an accident, then as it kept happening he realized it wasn't an accident and somehow had themes of fast food items. i almost peed my pants laughing so hard at this part in the movie.

that's all i got. it's a new month and things have slowed down just a tad for the moment, so maybe i'll be able to catch up on reading some blogs and posting a little more.


Historical Wit said...

Thanks for reminding me to see The Weatherman. I had forgot about that movie...

bluegreen dragonfly said...

my office gave out passes to Feast of Love movie so several coworkers saw it-together. Ew! coworkers and sex scenes. My eyes! my eyes!