Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You've got to come original

i've noticed over the years that my music tastes have mellowed out. i think i finally found my niche in the jam bandish / folky type genre. i sway from it some, but if i was to say what was my absolute favorite type of music, that would be it.

in my "new wave" days, i would listen to harder music. i never got into metal or hard rock...but along the lines of ministry, skinny puppy, etc.

i can't handle that much anymore....so like i said, i've mellowed.

but i do have those days (like this morning) that i wake up and i just want to crank the shit out of some kick ass music on my way to work and say fuck the rest of the world. (after i dropped the ladybug off for school of course - i'm not that torturous ;-) )

the band i usually throw in for those moments is 311. (or beastie boys depending on my mood)

today was my 311 morning and i now feel refreshed. apparently i needed that and felt some built up aggression over the past few days expell from my body in doing so.

so i have decided to spread some of my good fortune this morning and leave you with two 311 vids. enjoy :)

"come original"

and a little on the mellower side, but my absolute favorite tune by 311 : "amber"


Oceanshaman said...

Amber . . . so good . . . so good . . . one of the first videos I posted on my blog . . . the fourth, to be exact . . .

Historical Wit said...

ahh makes me want to skate again. but alas i have gained to much weight and would break a normal 7 ply in a matter of minutes...

Dandelion seeds said...

I love 'going back to boston' by dropkick murphy's. If that doesn't wake you up, nothing will!