Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's over....thankfully

i don't know what the hell my deal is this year, but i could not WAIT for christmas to pass. the ladybug got LOTS of goodies, so i know she was happy and that's all that mattered in my eyes this go round. i got an unexpected ipod shuffle from a dear friend so i am going to try and figure out how to use this thing and move into the digital world. (this coming from a girl who has avoided mp3 gadgets and stuck with my cd collection) deep breath.

the madre got me what i asked for - a radar detector...yes, i'm a little lead footed.

today is nasty outside. 40ish degrees and raining. lovely. bella has a cold - i need to take her to the vet - she might also be blind in her left eye. i got mad yesterday trying to do the crescent roll job that my sister does every year, but i got stuck with it since she bailed on us this christmas. burned the f out of my middle finger on the oven putting marshmellows atop the sweet potatoes. ate way too damn much because i decided to not eat anything before the big dinner. tryptophan set in and i was zonked. could not wake up this morning and now i am at work AGAIN bored out of my gourd. i need a nap. damn i'm cranky.

one good thing in the last couple of days is i finally started again and finished the kite runner. it took me almost a month to get past page 16 of the book. i kept starting it and putting it down, then had to start over again because i forgot what the hell had happened. finished it up last night - started christmas eve. i wanted to get it read before i go check out the movie. if you read any book in the near future, i HIGHLY recommend this one. it was utterly unbelievable. so well written.

bah humbug.


Dandelion seeds said...

oh honey I totally understand.

christmas isn't the problem-it's all the crap we've attached to the holiday. Be bah humbug all you want-own it-and know you'll soon be able to move past it.

much love-

Historical Wit said...

Its the rampant consumerism that kills me. I keep telling people you can't buy back the sins you have on your docket. Hey a great tip for getting through Christmas is lots of beer and wine. I like to keep a rolling buzz going for days.

Michelle said...

I finally thought I was going to be able to just roll with it...until I had been told that dinner was in an hour (after presents were opened and we had fa la la dee dah-ed around a bit). I drove the 12 miles back home, felt like I had hardly enough time to breath, then drove right back. My family wasn't even home at 3pm! We ended up eating at 5pm! I felt like I had to be "on" for like 12 hours straight. Next year, I am packing a bag and leaving the guilt at my parents' house!

Thank you all for helping me see that I am certainly not alone. :)