Thursday, December 13, 2007


after a few hours of fighting with my insomnia the other night (which i'm so shocked that i have had since work has been STRESSSSSSSSING me to the max), i caved in and turned the tube on. strange days was on. i forgot what a freakin BAD-ARSE movie this is. not to mention, angela bassett looking mighty tasty. whew. anyway...drifting from my point here.

i started to drift off a bit towards the end and when the credits came up being in a semi-conscious daze that i was in, this song took me to another world. i knew once the male voice rode in on this song that it was none other than peter gabriel. fucking genious he is. i rank him up with sting with all the genres and all the different musical accomplishments they have both made in their lives. ol' petey does, however, have one bad mark on his record being linked to rosanna arquette and all, but hey, i'll forgive him for that - it was a long time ago...and besides, he got a hit song out of it. ;-)

the song is called "while the earth sleeps" by deep forest and peter gabriel. this is how i saw/heard it:

but close your eyes and feel it.


i have a surprise for ya'll, but have to get pictures first, so i will post the surprise soon :)

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