Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movies - Reviews by Butterfly

as i mentioned in my post yesterday, i have been seeing a lot of movies lately.

the one of most significant importance i suppose would be indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. D-U-D-E. absolutely fantastic. of course there were some way beyond cheesy parts in the film - even for an indiana jones flick, but overall i absolutely loved it. i couldn't believe that was cate blanchett - i knew she looked familiar, but i didn't even know it was her until 1/2 way through the movie when a lightbulb went off in my head. shia labeouf sure is making a name for himself, isn't he? i can't believe how big he has gotten in the last few years. i like the kid - the ladybug used to watch him on even stevens on the disney channel a couple of years ago. i finally saw holes about a year ago - that was another excellent movie in itself. anyway....point is....the kids a good actor and he's definitely starting to make it big.

i'm definitely not a huge fan of going to the movies, so i rarely make that an event. the rest were all in dvd form:

beowulf. ugh. i know i will make some of you frown out there - especially some of the fellas, but i hated this movie. i swore i would never see it as i had heard about it and the violence. well natorchen made me watch it. *curse him* the effects and cinematography were very cool and the actors they had in the film were grand as well...but i knew i would hate this movie. it was too violent and simply gross. that's all i will say to that one.

underworld: evolution. this was bad-ass. not to mention i have a crush on kate beckinsale (only in this movie - not so much all the time) and definitely scott speedman, so the eye candy was quite good. i love movies about vampires and mythological characters. i loved the first one. wasn't too sure that this one would be as good, but i thought it was actually better than the first one.

3:10 to yuma. brilliant. i am not a HUGE fan of the western movie genre, but there are definitely a few that i rank up there really high.

black snake moan. i had never even heard of this film and stumbled across is pretty much on accident a couple of weeks ago. i am not a huge christina ricci fan by any means, but i think she played her part well in this movie. even ol' "timbo" had some great acting skills. i definitely recommend this one.

crossroads. oldy but goody. i remember hearing of this movie way back in the day, but i never actually saw it. what an amazing flick. seriously! i was so impressed with this movie. if you like the blues, you must see this one!

walk hard. don't. watch. this. movie. an hour and a half of your life will be forever gone and you will regret it. this was recommended to me and LL by a very close friend of ours who stated he laughed so hard in this movie that he had to pause it several times before he could move on. uh. wow. i think we forced ourselves to make it through 3/4 of the movie before we turned it off. do yourself a favor, don't' even think about it. if you already have. i'm sorry.


i think that's about it. it seems like i'm forgetting one or two, but i can't think of them at the moment. 2 movies coming up that i will definitely go to the movie theaters for are:

HULK. dude. edward norton. tim roth. NEED I SAY MORE????

X-FILES : I WANT TO BELIEVE - JULY 25TH. i'm there. opening night.


jaime said...

have you seen the preview for "the happening?" it looks really good.

Butterfly said...

i haven't seen the preview. i just heard about it last night actually. sounds like it's gonna be good!

Historical Wit said...

yeah anything by MKS is killa. Thanks for the Walk Hard warning. I think I will just watch Ricky Bobby again.