Monday, June 30, 2008

Just What I Needed

if you haven't noticed, i was down and out the past week or so due to a massive tension headache that i had developed. work was mentally and physically stressing me out to the point of this. i don't get headaches and have never experienced anything like this. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. i couldn't even make it into work thursday and friday i was so ill.

anyway....this weekend was much needed.

after getting LL off saturday morning and on his way to europe for 3 weeks, i met up with natorchen and we were off to our weekend getaway in east texas. my headache was still lurking, but i looked past it because i knew i needed to get out of the big city and get the down time.

the drive was nice. headed out east, went through my mother's home town of mineola...stopped there, bought some fresh east texas tomatoes, blackberries and a big ol' watermelon. and also took this picture:

mosied into tyler and met natorchen's folks for a late lunch at el charro's. it was YUM beyond belief. finally got into marshall late afternoon and got in some nice chill time with wes, kristal and pops. my head started to hurt again, so we decided to get into jefferson and go to the hotel, nap and get ready for the evenings festivities at auntie skinners. i still wasn't feeling 100%, but after resting a bit and getting ready, we headed out to see wes play at the bar. i finally got to relax, have a few beers and i felt much better. we had an AWESOME time.

it was quite a late night and we only managed to get about 6 hours of sleep, but we were up and out at 11 yesterday and headed to the hamburger store for some good home cookin fixins. their fried green tomatoes are to die for. after food coma set in, we headed back to marshall and hung out with the gang and some bikers that had come in from alabama. (something else happened, but i am waiting until the end of this blog entry to pop the big surprise).

we finally made it to ashley mountain about 3:00 and hung out until about 6 when we left to head back home. i desperately wish we could have stayed longer. this place has one of the most gorgeous views i have ever seen in my life. granted i haven't been to a lot of places outside of my comfort zone, but i have been to many many parts of texas, and i must say this has to be one of the best spots. truly a gem. the camera really couldn't capture the breathtaking beauty of ashley mountain overlooking lake o' the pines.

so, with all of that said and my little picture tour, that was my weekend in a nutshell.

i did bring home quite a present from marshall. and i am NOT in the least bit or ever have been a dog person, but i instantly fell in love at first site. i'm truly in for it now.

meet "marshall".


Jaime said...

that dog is presh!

Oceanshaman said...

You and Brandi . . . doin' the dog thing . . . my crazy lone star sisters . . . keepin' the crazy goin' . . .

I imagine the junebug will dig this new development . . .

Brandi said...

there will be times when the only thing that will keep you from giving that dog to teh first stranger you see is that cute face
:-) Doggie training can be exhausting and frustrating.

and that's okay-it's normal. You need anything-advice, a shoulder, let me know.

blisswarrior said...

oh my...I want to kiss him all over and smell his oh-so-yummy puppy breath!!!!