Wednesday, June 04, 2008


looks like yo mama obama finally nabbed the nomination. about friggin time. now i guess we will see if ol' hill-billary will be vp? honestly i've taken almost a complete hiatus from following any sort of politics lately. it's been too damaging to my soul...but i'm sure i will start to get back into it and pay more attention when it gets closer to election time. other things on my mind and in my life are far more important than trying to wade through our corrupted government and make sense of things. some days i just wish the aliens will go ahead and begin their quest for taking us over. our country might be a better place. :-p

all kidding aside....sorry i've been a bit MIA from here lately as i probably will continue to be for a bit. not much to say to be completely honest and i have some personal things going on in my life that i'm trying to sort through without being too public about it. nothing BAD by any means...just a lot of pondering. sometimes i wish i could go back to being a kid again when the complications of adult relationships are non-existant. agh.

i'm working on my website. it's up, but i still have a lot to do to it....if you'd like to check it it is :

i made 2 new necklaces over the weekend and have revamped my etsy account. if you'd like to check that out, you can find the link over in the right sidebar.

anyhoooooooo, that's all i have for now.


Jaime said...

i enjoy reading your blogs on the regular. hopefully you will return soon!

Brandi said...

off to a great start on the website!!!