Friday, April 18, 2008

Psycho Ramblings From The Overworked And Underpaid : Volume 1

before you go looking at the title like "wtf", bear with me a moment here.

now you all know i do my "flashback friday" sequences every friday (well for the most part). i've decided to start another one called "psycho ramblings from the overworked and underpaid".

this is where i will post random im's that me and a co-worker whom i've known for many many years (aka ivycurlz - she's so proud of her secret spy name) exchange. psycho-babble if you will. it makes work fun. and we are always here to entertain the void.

happy friday all.

butterfly says: i'm changing my profession
butterfly says: this guy drives fork lifts and makes $4100 a month
butterfly says: WTF
ivycurlz says: really??
ivycurlz says: um
ivycurlz says: i can drive that
butterfly says: no shit
butterfly says: i wouldn't mind that manual labor
butterfly says: sheeeeeeeeeeeeot
butterfly says: however, i would not like his last name
ivycurlz says: better than sitting behind a deskall day
butterfly says: "hoopii"
butterfly says: LOLOLOL
ivycurlz says: well you dont have to marry him to get the job yo
butterfly says: i wasn't implying that you freaky deak
ivycurlz says: whatEVER
butterfly says: say something funny because i'm going to post this on my blog. haven't done that in a while.
butterfly says: 1,2,3...action
ivycurlz says: um hi my name is Johnny Cash
ivycurlz says: i dunno
ivycurlz says: i cant be funny on cue
butterfly says: then how do you figure you are ever going to make it in this industry missy?
butterfly says: lol
ivycurlz says: whatttt
ivycurlz says: i only have to pissy on cue
ivycurlz says: lmao
ivycurlz says: we need a different job
butterfly says: i think all my teeth just rotted from those few sugar babies i had. good thing i don't have fillings.
ivycurlz says: if we could drive a fork lift and make that much money a day, I could AFFORD to be funnier
butterfly says: yo mama could afford to be funnier
ivycurlz says: and i could cat call and the men in business suits walking by
butterfly says: i think i need to start an entitlement on my blog with our convos
butterfly says: like i do flashback fridays
butterfly says: what could we name it?
ivycurlz says: what an entilement?

You have just sent a nudge.

ivycurlz says: super sluts
butterfly says: nooooooo we are not super sluts
ivycurlz says: super sluts!
butterfly says: like a regular posting : that the right word?
ivycurlz says: i know but its all imginary anyways
ivycurlz says: i dunno?
butterfly says: installment
butterfly says: EUREKA
butterfly says: call me DUH today
ivycurlz says: im no ass smart ass you
ivycurlz says: lol
ivycurlz says: wheeeeeeeeee
butterfly says: that was completely fucktarded
butterfly says: seriously...what do we call it?
butterfly says: something good....
ivycurlz says: ummmmmm
ivycurlz says: i dunno your the one that even comes up with shit to write everyday
ivycurlz says: i cant do that
ivycurlz says: psycho ramblings from the overworked and underpaid
ivycurlz says: im's from the broke mamas
butterfly says: you say enough crazy shit and call people weird things, you would think you could come up with what we should call ourselves.
ivycurlz says: lol
butterfly says: oooooooooh that's good
ivycurlz says: i know
butterfly says: it's going up there. stat.
ivycurlz says: but i cant do it sometimes unless im hyper
butterfly says: that's what i'm will be random...not planned
ivycurlz says: lol
butterfly says: first one
ivycurlz says: first one what
ivycurlz says: today?
ivycurlz says: i have to drink me rockstar first
butterfly says: no i'm naming it the first one. go back to sleep.
butterfly says: do i call you by your real name or use a code word?
butterfly says: ivy-curlz?
ivycurlz says: whatever you want
ivycurlz says: its up to you
ivycurlz says: everyone else in your blogs has an alias
ivycurlz says: lol
ivycurlz says: i feel like a spy
butterfly says: then you are ivy-curlz
ivycurlz says: secret spy name : ivycurlz
ivycurlz says: mission: to subject random and delightful contributions to butterflys daily blog
ivycurlz says: smooothies!

***** oooooooh, gotta go - we have smoothies in the breakroom !!!!!!!!!!! *****


Ivycurlz said...

LMAO ) I didnt think you were going to put ALLLLLLLL that up, lol!!

Butterfly said...

don't trust me with anything, woman! :-p heheheh

the walking man said...

Funnier than a sharp stick in the eye, better than a Seinfeld re-run and actually a good way to kill the clock. Probably raises your productivity when you're busy.



Celulite said...

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Historical Wit said...

Nice entitlement..errr installment I look forward to the adventures of butterfly and whitecurlz