Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm sick and it SUCKS

me to "a" : is it just me or is "c" picking up the phone and calling you a lot today? why doesn't she just turn around and talk to you? i dunno...that's just weird to me.but then again, i can't get my nose to stop running, so i've stuffed kleenex up my nostrils. who's REALLY the weird one here. HAHAHAH

"a" to me : She is – it’s a little strange… I think that was the third time today. And Kleenex are better than tampons – I resorted to that once.

me to "a" : that deserves an "LOL". "ivycurlz" told me to do the tampon thing, but i refuse. kleenex is much more stylish. seriously, do they not make sinus medicine that dries you up anymore. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!

"a" to me : Kleenex is definitely more work-place appropriate – you’d get quite a few disgusted looks if you were to walk around the office wearing tampons up your nose. :)

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