Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun with Natorchen

so let me give you just a tad bit of background on the convo you are about to read. an on-running joke with me and natorchen is he asks me every few months if i will have his children. done this for YEARS upon YEARS. answer is always no. different excuse every time or simply just no. he figures eventually i will say yes if he asks enough. i told him i would say yes when we are 80. :-p

so, tonight we have planned a get together (or shall i say, i organized it) at our favorite bar of years that is closing it's doors sunday forever. :( gonna be a sad day.

(p.s. bar's name is "stout" - and the 'stra on the end is just one of our many isms we attach in our everyday conversation)

natorchen says: stoutstra?
butterfly says: si. i have an indoor game at 7:30, but i will go up there afterwards.
natorchen says: ugh
butterfly says: wha?
butterfly says: i can cancel on the soccer i spose
natorchen says: no... don't
butterfly says: why are you ugh'ing
*You sent a Buzz!*
natorchen says: hold
natorchen says: always with the soccer... "wanna go to a movie?" "no, I have a game"... "wanna go to the stout party you organized?" "no, I have indoor"... "wanna have my children?" "no, I have soccer"
butterfly says: LMAO
butterfly says: that's a good excuse for the kids thing. i'm using that next time you ask. LOL
natorchen says: hehehe

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