Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Have a Clever Title

soooooooooo, i do realize that i've become quite the boring blogger over here lately. my apologies to ya'll that do read this....bear with me....hopefully i will be making a comeback.

i was horribly sick for the last week and a half - first with a headache that lasted 4 days (which now i realize was the onset to #2)....second....a horrid sinus infection that i'm just NOW getting over. still have the congestion and the cough, but physically i'm feeling much better.

been fairly anti-social with the exception of a few close friends, my daughter and the new pup. he sure is quite a handful. it's hard to have time for anything else. i feel like i have neglected a few of my friends - one: my very bestest friend in the whole world who is several months pregnant and i STILL haven't gone to see her; then there is my sweet dandelion seed, whom i haven't gone to have fun with paint yet :(...and also mr. oceanshaman, whom i haven't been exchanging as many virtual conversations as normal. so to you all i definitely apologize and i do realize this and plan on making an effort to do something about it.

i know being the brunt of some virtual bullies and stalkers has also put a damper on my openness as well...which has mostly passed, but the residue still lurks.

here's the little 8 week old pooter. him and bella are now best of friends. bella wasn't all that excited about him at first, but only took a few days for them to start playing non-stop. i can't wait to see what happens when she realizes that he's not going to stay this size. HA!

alright...back to work. much loves.


Brandi said...

ech. sinus infections SUCK big time. I totally understand.

and we'll paint when you are ready-no worries.


Oceanshaman said...

And all this time I thought you hated my guts . . .

That pup is way cuter than me, though, so I, like brandi, completely understand . . .

It's all good, all the time . . .