Monday, July 14, 2008


butterfly 7/13/08

i love to say "hello" like that. hallo. it's so fun. and british.

a couple of subjects came to mind this morning as i drove into work.

firstly, not all of you may know this, but i like to play with pictures. photographs specifically. i get an idea in my head and i am inspired. it's nothing special...nothing fancy....but it's fun for me. it's usually self portraits that i like to experiment with. contrast, color, angle. i have a blast with it. and after an afternoon spent by the pool and pups with a dear dear friend, i was inspired last night. in my unpleasant glory of sweatiness and general grime. for some strange reason, a lot of the photos i take of myself are rather melancholy. not all smiles. even though i smile A LOT, in experimenting with these photos, i have a bit of a mona lisa mystique to myself that i am unaware of it's origin. but i digress....

butterfly 7/13/08

secondly, i am not a huge tv watcher. i watched quite a bit of it back in the day and had several shows that i made sure to catch every week. not so now. there's only one tv show that i make a point to catch and that's the l word. and it's very seasonal and short. otherwise, on the weekends or laying in bed at night winding down, i will just browse until i find something that tickles my fancy. thanks to LL, he has gotten me hooked on walker, texas ranger. jesus cristo. it's so bad, that you just can't help but watch it. plus, it was filmed where i live, so it's kind of fun to check out the places they were and realize where they are. when i'm browsing around, i will usually stop if i see that what not to wear is on...or LA ink...or your occasional british comedy on kera. as of late, i've been stuck on a&e.

let me preface this by saying that i am not at all a KISS fan. (go ahead and throw out your obscenities at me...i can take it). my close friend in jr. high and high school WORSHIPED and i mean WORSHIPED this band. along with ac/dc. i honestly despised both bands. he tortured me once by making me watch a KISS video tape. i think i was scarred for life. (must be what's wrong with me today). anyhoooo.... today i still don't necessarily like either band, but i DO appreciate them now.

and one day i found myself watching gene simmons : family jewels. i couldn't believe that i was actually subjecting myself to this, but i sat and watched. if i remember correctly, it was a bit of a marathon of this show on a weekend. i kept watching. i was hooked. gene simmons is actually a frickin amazing man. he's intelligent and fun and FUNNY. and their family is so quirky and cute. little did i know how fun i would think they are. that's what i get for judging a book by it's cover, i suppose.

my next recent addiction (no pun intended) is intervention. i can not call this program positive or uplifting. because honestly it's not. it's a documentary about addiction (of all kinds - from drugs to food to alcohol) and they film this person's life as it is, then the family comes in for an intervention. it's a bit morbid that i watch this show if you ask me. having been directly involved with an addict, it certainly hits home at times. but something about this show drags me in. and i like watching it.

lastly, yessssssss i am a complete goober for this, but i recently found out that this show is on called the two coreys. yep. haim and feldman. being a child of the 80's, i was in LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE with corey haim. i liked corey feldman, but he just wasn't hot like haim was. ha! i watched ALL of their movies from license to drive to lost boys to dream a little dream - you name it, i saw it atleast 15 times. so....20 years later....they now have a reality show. about the demise of their large part due to haim's drug addiction. have you seen him lately??? wow. his actions have really taken a toll on him in the last 20 years. poor guy. feldman looks great and is actually doing quite well for himself. anyway....point is....don't watch this show. it is total crap i have to say. but such horrible crap that if it's on, i'm probably going to stop and watch it. just kill me now.

ok...enough yammering. must get to work. happy monday all!

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