Friday, November 02, 2007

Flashback Friday : Volume 8 & 9

Hello my lovelies. As promised today I have a two-fer.

Firstly, we have a little known British band by the name of The Stone Roses. I really like this band and this song by far is my fav song of theirs. It's an oldie but goody, and it's so FUNKY!

The Stone Roses : "Fools Gold"

Secondly, we have a band by the name of The Breeders. Formed by Kim Deal of The Pixies and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses. They came out with the album "Last Splash" in 1993, which featured the song that I am posting today, "Cannonball". I believe the band is still around, but if I remember correctly, Tanya Donelly is no longer with the band, but Kim recruited her twin sister, Kelley to the band. I could be wrong....I'm going off memory here.

Happy Friday all!!!!


Historical Wit said...

Damn girl, how freakin weird is this. I love the Stone Roses. Got both their albums. They are great, never got much airplay tho-

Was a big Breeders fan too. Saw them at the third Lalapalooza. Freakin rockin ass chicks. I do know her sister has been in the band since its inception or atleast when I saw them. It was a great ticket, Green Day, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Breeders, Beastie Boys and Smashing Pumpkins. I can't remember the hip hop group. I want to say The Pharcyde, nope it was A Tribe Called Quest. Freakin awesome. Oh and I forgot George Clinton and P-funk. I ate a lot of lsd and smoked a lot of pot that day. The Beasties stole the show. Oh and the band L7. They kicked ass. Green Day still hadn't peaked as a band yet, they kicked as much ass as possible in a 45 minute set. P fuck sounded the best...

edith0056 said...

I love the Breeders and those hot Deal sistas! And you're right Kim and Kelly are in the band.