Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pepe Le Pewwwwww

so um, yah. we are sitting here at work on the 9th floor workin away when all of a sudden this HORRID smell comes through the air vents. smelled of a mixture of skunk and fire.
our VP immediately tells us all the go downstairs until they find out what it is...he was afraid it was a natural gas leak.
so we all pour into the elevators and the stairwells and get the hell out of dodge.
spend a few minutes down on the 1st floor - amazingly enough we were the only floor evacutatd AND you couldn't even smell it down there. they tell us it's just a skunk and we can go back up. WTF? how does a skunk get to the 9th floor and only the 9th floor of a building.
so roughly about 30 minutes later, we get this email from the receptionist:
"Building management stopped by. They explained that pest control was trying to track down a skunk and OBVIOUSLY upset it, causing it to spray this awful smell directly into the fresh air intake…so there you have it. Have a wonderful and fresh afternoon."
fooking awesome.
"fresh air intake"? you know what?
i don't even want to know.
i'm gonna smell AWESOME after i leave work today. good thing i don't have a hot date or something. haha - kidding.
peace out my blog friends.

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Dandelion seeds said...

with your heightened sense of smell, I am sure this was a special delight for you :-)

also, *gigglesnort*