Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul

i don't usually speak much politics on my got me into some trouble once even though this is MY blog to vent as i please....anyway....beside the point....i'm going to say a little something about who i will be voting for in 2008. Dr. Ron Paul.

most people that know me know that i can not stand (being nice here) the current *person* who is in office at the moment and all of his loyal followers that work alongside him.

i never got into politics too much....until roughly about 6 years ago when shit started hitting the preverbial fan. i started doing my research and started to really get concerned as to what the hell was going on in the government world.

i voted for the first time for anything in the presidential election of 2000. i voted for ralph nader - not because i thought he would win...but because i wanted to try and help in the vote to increase the percentage in order for the green party to start receiving federal funding. meh. that didn't happen by several percent.

i voted again in 2004. knowing and thinking that all the other candidates were worth a piece of shit, but just voting for the "other guy" to try and get fuck-face out of office. of course that didn't work.

i'm not familiar with prior presidencies really that occurred in my life time with the exception of clinton and bush sr. and with both of them, i didn't pay much attention, so i have no opinion on either of them to be honest. because i didn't care. which is a VERY bad attitude to take being in this country. and not caring and going along with the sheeple, that's just what we get. for not having a voice of our own.

i'm jumping in this time around. for once, now that i actually doing my research and worry about the future of this country for myself, my daughter and for my unborn grandchildren (who may or may not come about), but IN get the idea.

i am by no means going to be making this a political blog. that's not what this is about for me....BUT when i have something to say...i'm going to say it goddamn it. and i'm not going to be afraid to say what i feel or who i'm going to vote for and why. because i now have my reasons from doing my own work and finding out what i can about these subjects at hand.

all politicians are crooks and liars...we all know that. but for once, i finally think there is someone who is actually worthy of running for the presidency and who i think would benefit our country more than any other candidate could.

and i can honestly say that i am actually surprising myself because i have completely pulled a fast one and will be voting for someone in a party that i NEVER felt i believed in. but he's different. in my eyes, he shouldn't belong to any "party". we have become so divided as a nation in the war of the parties anyway. so i won't look at it that way.

i'm voting for him as the best individual i think that will be up for the task at hand. not because he could be a republican...or a democrat or an independent, etc....but because i believe in what he stands for.

let me also preface this by saying that i don't believe in EVERYTHING that he believes in. some things i feel i am more liberal on....but in general, i think he has the right ideas and the right state of mind to go into a presidency for the american people.

these are the things about ron paul that drew me in and made me think : wow, this guy's onto something:

1. he voted AGAINST the war from day one and is STILL against it now and is ready to bring the troops home.

"It's time American soldiers quit being killed and it's time for us to quit killing a lot of other people who have not attacked us" - Ron Paul

2. he believes in going back to the way of restoring The Constitution. what this country was founded upon. we have swayed too far away.

"The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people." - Ron Paul

3. he has NEVER voted to increase our taxes & wants to abolish the IRS.

4. he has been and will be fighting for OUR FREEDOM.

"I don't want us to worry about the borders between North and South Korea and between Iraq and Syria, I want to worry about our own border." - Ron Paul

5. he doesn't believe we should police the world - less government = more freedom.

6. he believes in a more conservative nationwide government, but a more liberal statewide government.

7. he voted AGAINST the patriot act.

8. he is working hard to protect our civil liberties.


i do not say these things to sway anyone's beliefs or their votes. why i posted this is so you can all see with your own eyes that if i can do the research, so can you. i do ask that everyone i know PLEASE make an informed decision this time around. our country is in serious termoil and needs a complete revamping. and whomever you vote for, believe they can do the job and make an educated choice. don't be one of the sheep.


Dandelion seeds said...

wow. you know, I don't know a lot about him.

but I think I'll learn.

Historical Wit said...

Yeah watch him go now. Dude can raise money fast. More people believe than you think...

Mauro 2.0 said...

Great video.. I watched him on Real Time with Bill Maher a few months ago and thought he was awesome... I'm gonna steal this video for my blog and myspace.. hehehe.. hope u don't mind!!