Tuesday, November 27, 2007


pardon for the lack of posting lately guys. for a number of reasons that you could probably care less about : work has been hectic...haven't felt very creative...my thoughts are too muttled inside me noggin. but you know....why am i sorry really? nothing to be sorry about. it just is.


thanksgiving was ok. nothing special, but got to have a nice dinner with a few family members at a cafeteria here. that's why it was "ok". but quite honestly, thanksgiving isn't too huge of a deal for me - hasn't ever really been. i probably shouldn't say that and should be more blessed and thankful for what we have because of our forefathers, but why do we have a DAY to do that? i know i know...we have to stop and truly be thankful. so really i'm just talking out of my ass and making excuses. shame on me. next year, i plan on not having a thanksgiving feast and volunteering at a shelter or something of the sort to help feed the homeless. that to me will make it more meaningful.

a lot of the holiday was spent playing ungodly amounts of games of uno. (specifically "harry potter" uno) with The Ladybug (the bebe). the weather was too wretched to do anything other than stay inside in your safe and cozy bungalo. it did snow on thanksgiving for about 2 minutes. which around here is WHOA - a huge amount. ha

i also got to see August Rush. this was such an amazingly beautiful film. if you haven't seen it yet, you must go check out this movie. it's definitely one you want to own, but to get the full effect of the music in this movie, you MUST go see it in the theater first. i won't talk to much about it since i'm sure a lot of people out there haven't seen it and i don't want to spoil too much....just know that you won't be sorry you went and saw this. it literally makes you look at life a little differently every day.


Dandelion seeds said...

jason and I were just south enough that we missed the two minutes of snow.

I wanna start volunteering during thanksgiving too.

Butterfly said...

we should do it together next year :)

Historical Wit said...

Yeah I want to go see this flick. It looks like the type of movie I would crush on....