Monday, September 24, 2007

6 Months

today marks the anniversary of our first date - 6 months ago.

i wrote this a few days ago and sent it to my horizon....

i wanted to tell you a story about this amazing person that i know in my life this morning.

i was bored one day - the exact day i can't recall - looking through friends of friends of friends - clicking multiple amounts of times through my myspace account - nothing else to do...just passing the time. i came across this page that caught my eye and made me catch my breath. his profile name said "horizon" and he was beautiful. i read about him and looked through his pictures - the one picture he had of himself and several of his gorgeous children. i was instantly attracted to this person...even though it was only through a computer screen, something about this person drew me in. his interests, his music taste, his overall aura. i was nervous about contacting him, but i took a deep breath and did it. i was unsure if he would acknowledge my email. if he would take the time to write me back or to even see me. or would he just see the email and shrug and move along. to my surprise, he emailed me back. a lovely email as i recall. i was so ecstatic. we wrote long, in depth emails back and forth to each other...with each new email, i was drawn closer to him. i felt butterflies in my stomach every time i got an email from him. we decided to meet. i suggested driving out to fort worth to meet him, he insisted on coming to dallas to meet me. i gave in to the suggestion.

the exact day was saturday, march 24, 2007. we had exchanged numbers and he called me that morning to go over details of our first meeting. the instant i heard his voice, i melted. he had such a strong, sexy, captivating voice. i was so nervous. we decided to meet at the cosmic cafe. i gave him the address...he got directions and we were set to meet. i got there a little before he did. as i was sitting in my car, i kept looking in the rearview mirror..."do i look ok?" "what is he going to think of me?" "god, i'm so nervous?!?!?!?" he finally pulled up in his silver sports car...i got out of the car and met him as he was getting out. OH. MY. GOD. nothing but beauty stood before me. his eyes were alluring, his skin - a soft caramel, nice button-down white shirt, jeans and brown sandals. WOW. and that smile. i felt like i was going to pass out. i was so nervous, but i remember him commenting on how beautiful he thought i was and how he loved how tall i was. i laughed....and grew a little red in the cheeks. we sat and had lovely conversation....he made me feel like spaghetti the entire time. he would look at me with those eyes....almost as if he was looking inside me...inside my soul. normally that would scare the crap out of me....but this felt....natural. we enjoyed the time we had and finally decided to go get some dinner. we drove around in my car and decided that good eats would be a nice place to go. dinner was absolutely lovely - both having the same thing - salmon. the conversation was flowing and i felt myself getting more drawn into him with each new glance. he made me feel like i was the most beautiful woman in the world. after dinner, we had a little more time to spare before he had to meet some friends for a night at the museum that night, so we drove around and found a local park. as we walked, i felt him next to me....the intensity and the warmth of his presence was almost overwhelming that i got lost in it and almost decided to get run over by a turning car on the road. luckily he was there to save me. we walked back to the car, drove back to cosmic cafe and shared a soft, amazing kiss. i will never forget that kiss. i did not want our day to end. we parted ways for the evening. all i could think was that i didn't want it to end. i knew something good was going to happen with this person. i could feel it.

we emailed all week and decided the following weekend to have a sleep over with all the kids. i was afraid it was moving too fast, but he told me you can't put a time stamp on everything. besides, we wanted more of each other. we could not wait.

it was raining that night - badly i remember. when they got over to the house, everyone was drinched...especially horizon as he had to keep going back out to the car. it was monsoon outside. the kids instantly hit it off and horizon and i instantly were consumed by each other...again. tonight, we could make love and it would be so sweet. so amazing. and it was. how could i have known then that i would fall deeply in love with this person and want to spend the rest of my life with him? but i just knew.

things started happening rapidly, but each new thing beautiful in it's own right.

it's now 6 months later and i have never been more happy in my life. more sure of a love in my life. we've already been through a lot together....and will continue to do so, but i welcome it all with open arms. the good times, the struggles, the many trials and tribulations of a relationship. and most importantly...the love. i am ready.

on monday, september 24, 2007, we will have been together 6 months. we came close to a breakup about midway through to this point, but have stuck it out and are flourishing in our love. our relationship is a learning process and we've hit a few bumps in the road, but mild speedbumps is all they are. i love this man genuinely and more strongly than i have ever loved another before. i did not think this kind of love was possible until i met him. i know it's only 6 months and then 1 year...then yearly anniversaries....regardless of the time, i am constantly reminded of the blessing that was brought into my life the day i met horizon. and the most beautiful and amazing children i am proud to have in my life.

i am the happiest and luckiest woman on this earth.

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Oceanshaman said...

Very cool . . . ride that wave . . . may it be glassy, clean, and long . . .