Friday, September 14, 2007

My own private ACL fest

alright, since i am a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit depressed that i wasn't able to join some of my friends at the austin city limits festival this year in austin, i'm going to be looking at the online schedule at random moments throughout today and the rest of the weekend and imagine myself being there having the time of my life with my buds. outdoor music festivals feed my soul like nothing else. i've been to acl fest 3 years in the past. due to financial stresses, i haven't been able to go the last 2 years. :( that makes butterfly a very unhappy butterfly. but alas, it is what it is, so i will create my own. the following list will consist of my virtual weekend at acl: schedule can be found here.


12:40-1:20 adam hood
2:30-3:30 bela fleck and the flecktones (although this was a hard decision between them and pete yorn)
4:30-5:30 this is a tough one...i would probably have to split this one in half for crowded house and joss stone
5:15-6:00 jj grey & mofro
6:30-7:30 spoon
7:45-8:15 i would have to check out some of reverend horton heat
8:15-8:45 the killers
8:45-10:00 bjork


4:00-4:30 st. vincent
4:30-5:00 blue october
5:00-5:30 stephen marley
6:30-7:30 damien rice
8:15-8:45 arcade fire
8:45-10:00 muse


12:30-1:30 yo la tengo
2:30-3:15 ben kweller
3:15-3:30 ziggy marley on the kiddie stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:30-4:30 common
5:30-6:30 amos lee (although i would have liked to see regina spektor - i am WAY too big an amos lee fan to miss any of his set)
6:30-7:45 wilco
7:45-8:30 the decemberists
8:30-10:00 bob dylan

and of course if i was ACTUALLY going, i would have studied up on a few of the more unknown bands and checked them out in between times as i could fit them in.

so there we have it virtual weekend at acl. i hope you enjoy it as much as i will. :)


Oceanshaman said...

Sweet musical possibilities in that mix . . .

You'll find your way to Austin, sooner or later . . .

In my realm, I think I may be finding my way to Boulder in a couple of years . . .

Face in a direction, take some action, see what happens . . .

Divinity harmonizing all our affairs . . .

bluegreen dragonfly said...

love me some adam hood-hopefully jason and I will be seeing him live pretty soon...keep ya posted in case you are interested :-)