Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I labored on Labor Day weekend

that should be sacrelig. however, i did get a lot of things done that i had been procrastinating about.

went through my bookcase and now have a huge brown paper bag full of books to take up to half price books to try and sell. cleaned my entire house, went through old clothes of mine and The Ladybug's and ended up with 5 sacks full for goodwill - dropped all that off. washed my car, cleaned out my car, did laundry and somehow found time to go see Horizon saturday and sunday nights. whew.

i do feel better that i got all that done, but also a bit upset that i didn't really relax at all or hang out with other friends like i had hoped to. ah well. c'est la vie.

my commute to and from work on weeks i have The Ladybug is becoming unbearable. it took me 2 hours from the time i left my house, dropped her off and got into work this morning. nothing i can do about it this school year, but next year, something's gotta give. this city sucks traffic-wise and the suburbs surrounding that i have to drive through. lots of meditation and relaxation exercises are going to be at use for me.

september 24th marks me and Horizon's 6 month anniversary. we are trying to plan something on a weekend for just the two of us to go out of town and spend the weekend doing nothing but revelling in each other's company. which will be nice because we usually have all the kiddos at any given time so it's hard for us to have enough time just to bask in each other's love alone.

i am committing myself to doing research on all the presidential candidates. i did a little bit yesterday. i gotta say out of all of them i read about yesterday, mike gravel appealed to me most. of course that is subject to change at any moment because frankly, all politicians suck no matter which way you look at it. i also signed up for the green party so i can get more involved now and get their newsletter.

bah...today is a slow day at work, so i'll be doing a lot of surfing today.

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j.elliot said...

one starving musician dropped by to say: nice blog you have here. liked the vid.