Friday, September 07, 2007

Flashback Friday : Intro : Volume 1

i've decided to start a little segment on my blog entitled "FLASHBACK FRIDAY". here i will be posting a video or two of a song(s) that takes me back (and hopefully some for you as well).

i'm 31. which puts me right in the middle of the beginning of the alternative/new wave movement. i was in jr. high and high school. and i was your typical "new waver". i listened to The Edge back when it was 94.5 on the dial and back when it was what i considered "cool" and "fresh". now it just sucks (sorry for those of you out there that possibly listen to that crap, but hey i'm old school). atleast now they have a segment on sunday mornings from 8-10 with josh (who has been there since the beginning and has done "The Adventure Club" from day one - he actually has a nice diverse music taste - one i can relate to) called "old school edge". sad that the only time i can hear good music that i used to listen to back in the day is for 2 hours on an early sunday morning when i would much rather be sleeping. what can ya do?

anyway....i could go on about all of this for hours, and my "FLASHBACK FRIDAY"'s will not be like this everytime i promise. just wanted to give a bit of premise behind my madness.

these songs/videos will more than likely not consist of the 80's "cheese" as i like to call it. (don't get me wrong - i was all about the 80's cheese as well), but i'm talking about the 80's/early 90's alternative/new wave intro/brit pop movement.

with that said, i have 2 lovely gems today i would like to share with ya'll (yes, i'm from texas, hush).

1. first we will start off with a little known band called the bodeans. this band was definitely not mainstream, but a certain tv show named party of five gave them a shine in the spotlight. yes, folks, this is where your sexy character from lost made his big break. as the oldest brother charlie salinger. ah, how i adored that show...but dammit i'm diverting away from my point here.

without further adu, i give you the bodeans - "closer to free"

(and wouldn't you know it, there's a minimal selection of youtube videos for this song, so strangely enough someone meshed the song with harry potter: 3. hmmmm - weird, but oh well)

2. we have a fairly well known band, UB40, with a fairly unknown song of theirs called "higher ground". i love the vibe of this just grooves so well.



Historical Wit said...

Hey UB40 is 80's cheese and brit pop and new wave and oh hell you get the point. I love the fact those cats have crossed over more than well just about anyone. I got about 5 years on you, so my memories of the new wave tide goes into Husker Du, old ass chilly pepper, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, etc. I really liked UB40 cause I am a really big Police fan and like that poppy reggae sound. I remember those closer to free cats too, but by the time that new wave edge stuff rolled around I was expanding into stuff I never know exisited. Mostly jazz, big band, blues stuff. Ray charles, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Thelonious Monk, etc. Kick it girl, I like the new friday segment!

bluegreen dragonfly said...

oh my god what a cool idea!! see-I wasn't so much new wave. Hair rock, totally, until nirvana and pearl jam came out then total alternative groupie. But I will always love the slippery when wet album by bon jovi and nothing you can do or say will make me change my mind :-)