Monday, September 10, 2007


you know, i have been so busy today, but i have gotten a couple of emails on the subject and everytime i open up msn, i keep seeing how "britney bombed big time".

can we just leave the poor girl alone? usually i could care less and i have the attitude that these rich, bratty celebrities keep getting themselves into these messes and expect to get free rides, etc., but i kind of feel sorry for britney. she has so many deep rooted issues and on top of it has 2 toddler boys that she needs to attend to and give her all to. i hope that she will be able to get help for her problems and become the best mama she can be....who cares about her stardom or her comeback. she needs to focus less on that and focus on getting her life together - no matter how long it takes. god knows she has enough money to take a much needed extended vacation from the public eye - for years...which she should do in my opinion.

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