Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ron Paul

in my work boredom yesterday and again today (ugh! - i know i should enjoy the break but still), i'm REALLY starting to *like* this guy. i never thought i would say that about a republican, but he's not your average run of the mill right wing...he's libertarian which i seem to move towards as well. i really really like his viewpoint on giving the state more authority instead of the federal govt running everything in our lives. i don't agree with some of his conservative views, but maybe this is truly what we need and my dad says this all the time...we need conservative at the federal level and more liberal at the state level. i am starting to believe this more and more...and although conservative, ron paul is a firm believer in more power and more decisions state-wise.

*like* = as much as you could *like* a freakin politician. and he's from hey. although we've seen what the last fuck-face from texas has done. but we aren't all bad down here :)

"I want to be president mainly for what I don't want to do: I don't want to run your life, I don't want to run the economy and I don't want to police the world." -Ron Paul

that caught my attention right there. hopefully it's not just a lure though. dammit - why can't they just put oprah or montel williams in as president? they would both do a damn good job being such huge humanitarians. and what's even sadder is that i would feel more comfortable having our country run by a talk show host. ugh. i'm moving out of the country. i'm feeling ill.


cxx_guy said...

Humanitarians can do a lot of good, when they work through the market, but I fear them when they get political power ... that is, the power to force others to live as they want them to. Then, they start reminding me of the old joke: "If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?".

I feel it is much better to help people through non-violent (economic) means than through violent (political) means.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Historical Wit said...

Hey don't leave the country, they win if you do! I myself have coined the phrase progressive libertarian because that best describes me politically, but that shit drives these really red ass conservatives around here nuts. Oh well. I came to realize there will probably never be a perfect politician, but thats okay. Just pick the person who can do the most good for the most people. I don't know. I predicted the John Kerry run and none of my freinds believed it, I think its Obama this time. Dude has electric star power. Hard to beat. No Republican moves a crowd like he does. Brand him JFK the Next. If Gore drops his hat in the ring, look out. I know this, it will be fun to watch. There are a few R's I can get down with. I admire Hagel, don't think he would make the best POTUS, and can get down with Ron Paul to, but he isn't even a blip on the radar. Dude needs to get some exposure, bad!

Alright, enough ramblin, peace