Friday, January 11, 2008

Business card...theme...banner....AHHHHH

ok...if it's one thing i am NOT good at (besides handywork and mechanical crap around the house) is trying to create a banner or collage or business card type-ish things.

i'm trying to think of a business card / banner. i'm instilling the help of my friend natorchen for some ideas, but he's been, i took it upon myself to make something up. and it's too basic. i want it more personalized. i am envisioning a butterfly with rays of sun coming off it. something earthy....something with my personality.

this is what i came up with so far. ugh. i need help. i hate this crap. (this is where i am asking you lovely, artistic bloggers and readers out there for your opinions)


Historical Wit said...

Well if your going earthy, switch to a green color. Or Something with some greens and browns. I like the design, it is kinda earthy. Also I dont know about the big letter little letter thing you got going on there. Maybe a different font than the rest of the card but unified sizes? You could go all simplistic and just center the name in the middle and contact info on the bottom. Always straight simple and to the point. Just dont get frustrated, this should be a fun process casue this little card will represent you.

CresceNet said...

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The Tentacles of Thought said...

The 'sunshine butterfly creations' does not fit in nd kinda spoils the formality.try using a different font.nd the orange is quite nice.

Traveler said...

Looks great to me.
but then i'm not really a graphics person either.