Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Somber 2nd day of 2008

hiya lovelies.

i'm very happy about this new year for new beginnings and saying goodbye to 2007 and everything that came along with it. gaining some closure as well.

i'm feeling very somber today though. over the weekend, i got struck emotionally. my sister's best friend since jr high's father was in a tragic accident over christmas and passed away as well as my "little brother's" best friend from childhood.

we tend to go through life taking things for granted at times (not on purpose of course), but life generally gets in the way and goes into "routine" mode. but when things like this happen, we tend to get a huge fucking fist in the face of reality and of how truly short life is and how there are no guarantees. you start thinking of all the people who are so important to you and call them quickly and hug them tightly and tell them how much you love them. i do this often anyway, but after tragedies, i tend to go overboard.

i'm feeling introverted today as well. i finally got my ipod set up yesterday with tons of songs, so i am now at my desk, quiet, listening to my tunes that are good for my soul. we are super slow today, which is a nice change, so i am going to fully take advantage of that today because after this week, it's going to get crazy again.

i know i don't sound it today, but i really am very positive about 2008. i think it will be a good year for me. i seem to be doing a little mourning of 2007 these past few days, but it's a process that will soon be complete. two friendships that were very strong in 2007 are also taking a turn. nothing "bad", just aspects of life and our closeness is starting to dim a bit. such as life.

my only new years resolution is to stop smoking. i'm on a plan to be done cold turkey by the end of this month. i don't smoke regularly in the sense of "a pack a day" or something of the sort. but i do atleast have 1 or 2 a day and then if i'm drinking somewhere, that changes into many more. so instead of depriving myself fully, i'm gradually ridding of the habit. and it really is a bad habit...although i wouldn't call myself "addicted"'s still a stinky habit. and it's time to be done with it.

i have many plans for myself this year, but none other that are resolutions. because when you put too many expectations out there, you end up getting disappointed. as in any situation.

so happy 2008 to you all - i wish you all the best year of your lives yet. ~namaste~

p.s.....does anyone have any suggestions for earphones? i have super small ears and earphones never ever fit in my ears right. argh.


Anonymous said...

Happy '08 to you!

btw...Sennheiser makes some of the best ipod headphones for the money. ;)

Dandelion seeds said...

rock on for quitting smoking! I know you can do it!

Oceanshaman said...

Ok . . . enough with the pensive reflection . . . time to go outside, throw a couple of cigarettes on the ground, and crush them under your heel . . . a little ritual to kick of your non-smoking gig . . .

You know I'm only doggin' ya . . . pensively reflect away . . . just don't lose sight of the sunlight at the top of the well . . .

ivycurlz said...

I have the same problem, none of them fit due to my tiny ears. If you find some, let me know.
Yeah for you to quit smoking!!