Monday, January 28, 2008

TOTALLY cool and VERY uncool

THIS has got to be the best invention known to man. i am totally getting myself a pair of these. real soon.

an den....

while at my soccer scrimage yesterday, some of the girls were talking about THIS. while i'm the first to admit that i did love those douchebags wayyyyyyyy back in the day, in fact it was my very first concert....but i will blame all that on puberty and bad taste.

i mean....REALLY?!?! what would possess them to do such a thing? they are like 60 years old and stuff.

whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. hanging tough.


that hurt me too.


Historical Wit said...

Damn and I thought block heads were an extinct breed. Crazy. I had a girl in high school that took me to a NKOTB concert. I was really indifferent to it cause I was raised on old school country and hip hop. But she was a block head and I was all about what ever she was doing so there I was. Tiffany was the opening act. Talk about 80's flashback...

Dandelion seeds said...

no way dude! I am so there! I loved them then and I never got to see them in concert. Who cares if they're old-so are we!! And we're still fun!