Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He*cough* Ledg*cough*

ok ok...i REALLY didn't want to do this with the rest of the freakin world blogging or talking about this tragedy, but i have to put in my two cents on this one. and this might anger some, but so be it, because this is how i feel.

i've read a few blogs and a lot of people's comments on the death of heath ledger. many were filled with compassion, but the majority were filled with "who the fuck cares" and "fucking druggy" and "he's a dumb-fuck who deserved to die because he chose that lifestyle...blah blah blah blah blah".

ok. *deep breath*

firstly, although i say that i really don't care about celebrity lifestyle, i have this inner demon inside of me that picks up people magazine more often than i should. honestly, as much as us as human beings would like to admit that we couldn't care less, the truth is that we do. and for those of you reading this shaking your head disagreeing with me, stop kidding yourselves. we do have a curiosity and an opinion. i wish i could say that i could care less about the falling youth celebs such as brittany spears, lindsay lohan, etc. but the truth is i do. i see them and my heart goes out to them because they have MAJOR problems and they need major help. first step in my opinion, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT and drop off the face of the earth for a few years until you can get your lives together. simple as that.

and yes, sometimes i have that feeling of...well they chose this life and they chose to be famous, so they have to deal with that, so fuck em. but in all honesty, i don't feel that way because i have human compassion. just because someone is famous or "chose" to be famous and in the spotlight doesn't mean they aren't another person just like you and me. and the simple fact is that they are. they have obstacles and stuggles that we, as an average "unfamous" person, do not face. and we can't BEGIN to understand that. as much as we like to judge it, we DON'T understand it.

i liked - rephrase that - i like heath ledger a lot. despite the fact that he was terribly easy on the eyes, as most people would agree with me...even you straight fellas out there, you definitely have to agree he was a handsome man. i found him to be a very talented actor and a very diverse actor. i sort of saw him as a young tom hanks - and possibly moving into that stature by the time he was tom's age. heath was not the type of person to display or flaunt himself to the media or the public. despite his popularity and his "famousness", he appeared to stay grounded and tried to keep out of the mainstream spotlight. he dated a very spotlighted actress for many years - naomi watts and i think because of that, he was in the media a bit more. when he got together with michelle williams and became a father, he seemed to fall off the tabloids' radars. because he CHOSE to step away from it. in all the interviews i have heard with him, he appears to be very intellectual, soft-spoken and level-headed.

so when i saw this news hit the page of msn in bold red, i was in shock. when i heard people's horrid opinions and things coming out of their mouths, i chose to stay quiet. because i didn't want to presume anything. my heart immediately went out to his 2 year old daughter and his ex-wife who are now going to have to go through this life without him being a part of it. whether you are famous or not, or a druggy or not, that is SAD. have some fucking compassion people. quit judging others when you have NO idea. you have no idea what their life was have no idea the struggles they faced... you have no idea WHY. so now his autopsy comes back as inconclusive. which means obviously he wasn't flying high on any major drugs. which means that it probably wasn't murder. which means it PROBABLY was some sort of accident. which means....MAYBE he took a few sleeping pills and his body reacted terribly and he died. we don't know.

so i'm going to continue to stay quiet (haha - that's funny isn't it) and have some compassion for his family and his friends and the people who were closest to him because they just lost an incredible person.

rest in peace, mate.


Historical Wit said...

Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way. I thought he was going to grow into a great actor, but all that doesn't compare to the loss for the mother of his child and his daughter. And anyone who thinks anything different will have a black mark on them to account for at the pearly gates.

Dandelion seeds said...

one of my favorite 'cheesy fun' movies is Ten Things I hate about YOu with him and Julia Stiles. I loved Heath Ledger and I am sad-and frankly pretty damn angry-that a seemingly nice, sincere guy like that dies accidentally when Amy Winehouse is shooting up left and right and still breathing.

yeah, I said it. And I meant it too.

thanks for writing this post.

MKD said...

Sadly, it isn't as simple as that most of the time. Just seems that way after the fact.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I am saddened by his loss. He was not a druggie--those were prescribed. I wish people weren't so cruel.

Good post.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I'm not even sure who he was...well I probably have seen him but I just can't remember--but I'm like you, I think people should just leave these guys alone...they are human and your right, his wife is a real person, his child is a real person and it's sad when something like this happens no matter who it is or how it happened or why etc.... I don't know what's wrong with makes you wonder what's behind the smiles of people who you casually know when you see that lots of people who when hiding behind the anonymity of the internet express seem to have all of this vitriol and hatred inside of them.

You know, I browsed through a book the other day about fame and how actors feel about it. They generally said that no-one knows what they are getting into...even if they think that they could ever imagine how it is until it happens to them. So, I don't know if I buy it that they sought this out. Techinically they certainly sought it but I would say that it was without a true knowledge of what it would mean.

Then you take someone like Britney Spears....she's an ignorant girl from a small town who dropped out of school in the 9th grade. She got into show business so young that I'm sure that there was no way that she could have possibly known what she was in for. She wanted the glamor and money and attention but probably could have never realized that it might be like this.

This may sound kind of silly, but I think of celebrities almost like the Gods of Olympus. They are in actuality fables who are bigger than life who we relate to because they bring us out of our own lives in such a way that we can work out our own issues, but more impassively. I sorta think that is why people are attracted to celebrities even though we are all secretly ashamed of being a little bit lowbrow.

Well, sorry..I didn't mean to write a book.