Thursday, January 31, 2008


i just love how immature i can be at times. it's not all the time, but i have my moments.

so i've been having an issue with our little bella bear pooping on certain spots on the carpet for the past...well...since we've had her. i keep her litter box clean and i immediately clean the spots that she's soiled. i am going this weekend to get some of the pet no-go stuff and see if that happens to work. also going to change the brand of litter and see if that has something to do with it as well. when i was googling last night, i also found out that taping aluminum foil to the carpet in those spots will make them stop going - cats hate the feeling of aluminum foil on their paws. so i did that last night....but i really want a permanent solution that i don't have to look ghetto with aluminum foil all over my house.

i was reading in forums different solutions from people. and i read this one and i couldn't stop giggling for about 30 minutes. how immature am i?

google: "how to stop my cat from pooping on the carpet"

thread answer: "one time i pooped on my cats head and ever since then he hasnt pooped on the floor."

yah. i know.

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Historical Wit said...

That has to have something ot do with dominance theory