Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

so my own daughter got me good this morning for april fools day.

she was adamant that she had early release today. i was a little irritated that she was just NOW telling me because this means that i have to make sure someone is there early to get her from school. after she got me riled up, she decided to throw the "april fools" at me.

little butt. she's too smart for her own good i think.

i've never been one to pull any real april fools jokes on anyone. maybe i should plan a really good one on someone. there's always next year.

today is a HUGE day for me at work today....please everyone wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me. i have a meeting at 3:00 today. i'm incredibly nervous.

on the bum side of things, my little "venture" fell through. :( i was kind of looking forward to being spontaneous. ah well...just means it wasn't my time to do so.

another bum side of things, natorchen found out that eddie izzard added a quick show in my town last night. tics were supposed to be $35....he couldn't find 2 together through the regular channels and then the cheapest he could find through an alternate was $100 a pop. dang it. of course he's coming back in june, but tickets are out the roof at this point. bugger.

apparently i'm a little crabby today - i need to do something about that. cheerio ya'll.


Dandelion seeds said...

okay, yeah, that pic is disgusting

but good luck today!

Butterfly said...

it is...but it made me giggle. :-p