Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon boredom

the davish one: so, if krusty boy can't make the show, I'll go with you. we can rock out to the Butler ;p

butterfly: totally
oh...he chopped his dreads off
i just saw a photo of him

the davish one: NO!

butterfly: i was :-0

the davish one: do you think he's still cute?

butterfly: well hell yah
but the dreads i loved

the davish one: I bet they smell bad.

butterfly: ewwwww thanks "the davish one"

the davish one: hehehehe

butterfly: :-P

the davish one: wow

butterfly: i know
i could not believe it

the davish one: that there must be some way outta here?
there's too much confusion, I can't get no releif

butterfly: speaking of
did you see about the porn video coming out of jimi?

the davish one: heard about that.

butterfly: i would totally see it

the davish one: seriously, I don't like actualy 70s prawn

butterfly: yah but it's JIMI

the davish one: but Jimi?!?!


the davish one: really? You wanna see Jimi's bedroom moves?
you wanna see how he does the horizontal mambo?

butterfly: hellz yah....i've seen his guitar moves...see if they are as good as his bedroom moves

the davish one: lol

butterfly: well yah know

the davish one: oh come on, how many times do I get to call you that?

butterfly: only on special occasion

the davish one: well, if the Jimi video comes my way, I'll have to get you a copy. :p

butterfly: haha absolutely

the davish one: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=080428230326.113jzcsc&show_article=1

butterfly: hehehe
well that's nice of him

the davish one: right,
Chile wants the older men to get down with the ladies by getting up
oh, and there's another site you just have to visit. While it's not prawn, there are boobies on the site.
it's hard to beleive this is real.

butterfly: i don't think i should open that right now
people behind me

the davish one: oh yeah, I'd wait until they leave.
sent you an email, in case you want to check it out from home
or order any. It's only 20 euros a bottle.

butterfly: nice. thanks for thinkin of me.

the davish one: always, my dear


2nd installment:

butterfly: uh....
did you know that HEB grocery store stands for:
H.E. Butt Grocery Company
LMAO. seriously.

the davish one: really?

butterfly: yes i am looking at someone's w2's right now

the davish one: I thought it had to do with the mid cities
that's awesome
some one's name was He butt

butterfly: awesomeness
H.E. Butt at your service

the davish one: By the power of HE Butt!

butterfly: LMAO

the davish one: lol

butterfly: i almost peed in my pants

the davish one: now I'm LMAO

butterfly: it hurts!

the davish one: hehehehe
Kiss my H.E. Butt!
Send H.E. Butt in here immediately!

butterfly: this is H.E. Butt, how may i help you?

the davish one: H.E. Butt here
what can HE Butt do for you?
butts are funny

the davish one: childish regression can't be helped

butterfly: H.E. Butt comment/complaint line...may we help you with an issue or take a compliment?

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