Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Springtime Meme

feeling a little bizarre today. i've only physically SEEN one ghostly figure in my lifetime - it was my grandfather. one of the houses that i rented was also home to a few spirits, but i never actually saw them appear. last night, i was staying with a .... friend .... and there was a figure....didn't take a specific shape, but it was definitely there. we both saw it. it was quite freaky i must say, but cool all the same.

that didn't have anything to do with the title or body of this post, but just thought i would mention that.
i read this post on the wild pomegranate's site, and decided to give it a go.....

Astrological Sign?

Chinese Astrological Sign?

What are you currently setting your intention on or praying for?
embracing my job promotion at work, raising my daughter the best that i can, being better with money, nourishing my friendships/relationships, physically feeling great about myself, taking a spiritual journey

Who do you pray to?
i'm not much of a prayer (not at the moment anyway or have i ever been) - but that could change at any point - i feel a spiritual movement within coming on gradually

Do you believe God created humans or humans evolved from primordial goo?
more times than not, i believe more in evolution, but i have a strong sense of a god or a goddess - some other higher power out there. i also believe in the possibility of both intertwined and working together.

What is your mantra?

Do you believe in Sin?
this is tough to answer. since i wouldn't consider myself a christian or very "religious", i'm not sure if i do believe in sin. i believe in basic morals (not necessarily religion related). if you do something you consider a "sin", i believe that it's you that has to deal with the consequences, not that someone else (ie. God) will punish you or look down upon you for that. i believe many people do very very horrible things....and i've even seen it with my own eyes...but i don't know if i consider that "sin" as much as i do bad choices or depending on the extent, "evil".

Do you believe in Evil?
i completely 100% agree with grace on this one: "I believe some really horrible things have transpired at the hands of human beings. For lack of a better work, ‘evil’ could apply. However, both ‘evil’ and ‘good’ are simply judgements."

What do you do when you see 11:11?
i acknowlege the number sequence, but it doesn't go beyond that

Do you believe in Angels?
very much so!

Do you believe in God? If so, what does God look like to you?
some days i do, other days i don't. regardless, if i do or don't, god does not look like me. i am more of a believer of god or the goddess being in your heart....in your soul. i tend to have more faith in humanity and try and live my life in this world. i do have a spiritual side to me that is quite confused most of the time. i am currently on a journey between myself and my beliefs and seeking out what's right for me.

Is there a religion that you don’t follow, but deeply respect or admire?
i respect all religions as an individual choice. i admire buddhism and paganism. any religion tests i've ever done have said i am closest to either of these.

Who has inspired you the most on your spiritual path?
my father. he gives me faith in the christian religion - in the good of people. in humanity. even though i don't consider myself a christian, i admire my father's beliefs and his spiritual path.

What is something you would like to believe, but don’t?
i would like to believe that we, as a human race, aren't slowly deteriorating and i wish that we could all take a step back and realize what we are doing to ourselves and our world around us.

Do you believe in soul mates?
definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also believe that you can have a number of soulmates in different aspects of your life.

Reincarnation or heaven?
maybe a little bit of both?

Best “ah ha!” moment/epiphany?
haven't gotten there yet

Required spiritual reading?
everyone has their own. for me, the reads that awoke my spirituality and my beliefs were reading the da vinci code and angels and demons. i don't necessarily call them spiritual reads because they are fiction, but for me, that's what inspired me to start seeking

If you could pick, in your final moments, what would your last words be?
“I love you.”

Advice for a lost soul?
we are all lost souls...together searching

A song that encapsulates your beliefs?


Historical Wit said...

Nice, I always love it when I see something from the 4th dimension. I have seen a couple of weird this, heard a few too. I grew up in a place that was supposedly pretty haunted. A haunted forest. But its all good. I look at it as old land. anyway there is one story i got that really confounds me about an ouiji board that freaked me out. These two girls were over at my house and they were playing with it and I asked them to ask it if I have a guardian angel and it said yes. Name jon. ok so I was like cool with that. Found out he likes to sit on tvs in the room hes in. But what made it real was two years later at another friends house, those two girls were not there and I asked them to ask it what my guardian angles name was and pow that ouiji spelled out jon. freaky to me to this day.

Ariadne Green said...

Inspired by your answers to such spiritual questions and obviously you are very psychic to be able to see into the hidden dimensions. Butterflies are symbolic for your transforming consciousness and I sense you angels are pushing your musical talents to the forefront. Sing! Hope you will visit my booksite to read about my latest book,Divine Complement. http://www.ariadnegreen.com

Oceanshaman said...

Damn, girl . . . could you be any more perfect?

Careful . . . you may rekindle my wounded hope in the female gender . . .

Hmmm . . . may have to come to Dallas and camp on your front lawn . . .

Nah, too creepy . . . plus, I might scare the junebug . . .

Really dig this post, though . . .

Grace said...

How cool that you played along with the meme :) I like you're answers...although I have to admit, your advice was...hummm....well, let's just say that I don't believe we're all lost at all.

Sometimes we just forget that we know where we're going, or where we've come from.