Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i knew i was going to come in today and try and muster up my unbelievable experience last night into some form of verbal communication. i have to say it's nearly impossible.

last night was my first live JBT experience. my 2 friends that i went with had already seen them live at bonnaroo and also one year at acl. my friend natorchen is the one that turned me onto the band as his first experience was live and my first experience has been through recorded cd's.

they opened the show with "better than" and ended the encore with "funky tonight" with all the quintessential john butler in between. the whole show was phenomenal - playing most of the songs from grand national and of course throwing a little "zebra" in the mix. excellent.

john performed an extended guitar solo that went on for probably a good 10 minutes while i stood there with my mouth open unable to even move a muscle. his drummer has the pimpest drum set i have ever seen in my entire lifetime - as he performed a drum solo as well that was probably a good 5 minutes that caused the same reaction from me.

if any of you out there have never seen this band live, i completely urge you to go do so. i would almost give anything to be able to be at the show tonight at stubbs in austin. perfect outside setting, perfect town, perfect band. i am still on a complete music high and i'm not comin down for a long while.


*below is the same solo he performed last night that left me in awe : "ocean"


Oceanshaman said...

Nice . . .

I just discovered a killer jam band close to home the other day called Minos Conway, out of Lewes, DE . . . if you Google 'em you'll find their myspace page . . . they play the DE and MD beach where I live, plus a lower DE festival called the Friendship Fest on August 23, 2008 . . .

I'm stoked . . .

swirly girl said...

I've been meaning to comment since you posted. I saw JBT LAST YEAR at HOB. It was amazing! I had tix t the show this year, I just didn't have the energy to drive out to Dallas alone this time. Also, I didn't want to relive the experience of being manhandled by some drunk woman sitting in the box right in front of me (like last year!).

But, I am so effing hyped you got to see them.