Monday, April 28, 2008

"Well, I Woke Up This Morning, A Rainbow Filled The Sky"

i came in this morning having SO much to write about and i just completely got overwhelmed with a severe case of writers block. yikes.

maybe if i just start writing, everything i wanted to say will begin to come out.

so i did some car research this weekend. turns out my santa fe only gets 18 mpg. talk about terrible. i think i've narrowed down my options to two vehicles. the toyota matrix or the toyota prius. this is going to be a tough decision for me because the matrix is exactly in my price range - and it gets 26 mpg highway - which is almost double what mine gets. OR....i could have the option of the slightly more expensive prius but get 44 mpg!!!!!!! 44 mpg....seriously. overall i'm sure whichever way i went it would equal out. but i'm tending to want to go the way of the prius simply because it's better on the environment and it's a hybrid. so........we'll see. i am going to go do some test driving over the weekend. whatever i choose needs to happen soon since gas prices just rose again here to $3.54. wtf. next we will turn around and it's going to be $8 a gallon. this town REALLY needs to start getting more efficient with the public transportation. i'm NOT kidding. because we are in serious need of it now and very soon in our near future. yes, we have the dart rail, but it's not all it's cracked up to be that's for sure. we are really in need of public transport in the likes of chicago or ny. but who am i kidding, that will never happen here.

have any of you, dear readers, seen the last kiss? if you have, i'm terribly sorry, i feel your pain...and if you haven't yet seen it, do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this movie as possible. the acting was great - had some good actors in it...the story line makes you want to slit your wrists. twice...and not miss. ugh. i've never felt so meloncholy or depressed after watching a movie as i did with this movie. the soundtrack is brilliant, so atleast it has THAT going for it.

my mother bought me painting supplies 2 christmas' ago. i had yet to open them at all. i decided to create this weekend. i painted 3 paintings and i had an amazing time doing it. it was so much fun and so soothing. the first 2 were alright, but i was pretty impressed with my 3rd one here. i kinda dig it.

anyhoooooooooo, i know i had some other things on my mind, but i can't seem to think of them at the moment. so i will leave you now. have a fantabulous day all!


Jaime said...

the toyota prius is really cute!

also, i saw this on -

Dandelion seeds said...

I dig your rainbow!