Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Portraits Before and After Death

Portraits Before and After Death (use your own judgment when opening)

i got this link from dooce's post.

i was honestly a little nervous before i clicked on the link as i thought it would be a little grusome. amazingly enough, it was haunting, yet moving and BEAUTIFUL. i have never seen death captured in such a peaceful, artistic way. i hope you enjoy. make sure you read all the captions off to the right of the photos as well. very touching.


Mark said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Grace said...

Wow...that was absolutely amazing and very comforting, for some reason. I've only seen one dead person up close, and that was my father. When we gathered around his body in the emergency room, he looked like he was sleeping (like these folks). It wasn't until a few days later, at the open viewing my mother insisted on, that I freaked out. The man in the casket was NOT my dad, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for sharing this