Monday, April 14, 2008

Demons, Catholicism and Spiritual Cleanses

um. wow. i had a fulfilling weekend for sure. spent most of it with a special friend and delved more into this haunting going on at his home.

luckily i was free all week and weekend to harbor said friend at my house to escape the demons.

my friend has had many demons of his own in his life that he has overcome and the last thing he needs is any outside forces such as these to get to him now.

quite a few more incidences happened this past week - enough to know that there is definitely something paranormal going on in this house. and by this, it's definitely not a peaceful haunting, it feels "demonic".

i have a struggle with this sometimes because of my faith or lack of faith....i certainly believe in spirits and good and bad spirits. but it's the angelic and demonic references that i am just not so sure about.

his mom visited the house over the weekend. she's a strange breed, this one. her religion is quite cultish and she believes everything you do in your life and who you are is a direct reflection of your relationship with god and jesus. now that's ok, but to hear what she preaches makes me want to...well...vomit...or just walk away. i can't even explain it into words. but i'm not a horrible person, so i sat and listened while my friend and i exchanged "oh dear god, make it stop" looks throughout the conversation.

a friend of the family also showed up after visiting with a local priest at his catholic church. firstly, the priest advised this friend of the family not to dare step foot inside the house. apparently paranormal or demonic activity is quite common in the catholic community, but is kept very hush hush. he got a name of a deacon at the catholic diocese downtown to contact and to have him come over for an exorcism. apparently he is working overtime....

the family friend showed up with some holy water and many st. benedict medals - he is the saint known for warding off demons. the priest advised him to place a medal in each room of the home. the priest also sent advise for my friend to only bless himself with the holy water rather than spraying it all over the house as this may aggravate the spirits even more. and of course as any priest would suggest, go to church more and cleanse yourself first.

keep in mind i am absolutely unfamiliar with the catholic faith. it has always intrigued me, and i have to admit stepping into several very old catholic churches in mexico gave me goosebumps and a strong feeling of spirituality that was one i could not describe in words.

the bottle of holy water actually had "holy water" written on it and on the back was a price tag with "sacred heart $1.50". seriously? that sort of rubbed me the wrong way that you actually have to PAY for holy water and it appears to be commercially packaged. hmmm....

saturday night, crack monkey and i did some research online for local paranormal investigators and cleansing rituals. we found a local paranomal investigator whom my friend has now contacted and will hopefully be getting back to us to talk about this and come over to investigate.

also some great websites on cleanses....which we are going to try these as well.

so yah....we went back to the house yesterday for a bit during the day and strangely enough it didn't feel as spooky. not sure if the st. benedict medals were actually "working" or if it was just an inactive day. hopefully my friend will get to rid of these demons and not have to move AGAIN just when he's getting back on his feet. we have a big task cut out for us and honestly i'm kind of intrigued by getting the investigator over to the house and actually performing the cleanse.

anyway, i'm going to go back to trying to wake up this monday morning and actually get some work done. i am in need of a SERIOUS vacation - none of this take a couple of days off and stay at home...i need to get AWAY!

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