Friday, March 21, 2008

One Foot In The Weekend

THIS site has been providing me with unstoppable entertainment over the past few days.

i know these little lolcatz have been around for roughly about a year now and i've seen a few here and there, but i didn't actually visit the site until the other day. these are the cutest things ever and are a great source of hours of entertainment.

so i couldn't figure out why there was no traffic coming into work today and why our parking garage was 1/2 empty. damn christian holidays. meh.

i have big plans this weekend. and by big plans, i only mean a cleansing of my soul and physical cleaning of my area of inhabitance. spring cleaning if you will. my funk has gone too far and it's time to turn it around. and by funk, it's been mental, physical and all around funkage. i have the ladybug this weekend, so some good quality time with her will be in order. i'm kind of thankful for no soccer plans this weekend so that i can do what i need to do on my own terms. (speaking of soccer, a girl on the other team last night tripped and ran into the wall of the indoor field 2 minutes into the game. broke her wrist and as her wrist gave way, crashed her head into the wall. yikes. not a pleasant thought - moving along).

i'm in need of some change. physical change of myself and my surroundings. as far as i'm concerned, i've made a hair appt for next saturday for a major change. hopefully it will turn out long as it does, i will post pictures...hell even if it doesn't i will still post them so ya'll can laugh hysterically at me. :) i'm yearning for a meditation room. a room all to myself that is neither a bedroom or a living area that is all mine for my meditation, my bead making, my yoga, my spiritual, my ME room. my escape from reality room. problem is, my current living area does not leave room for this. i will have to compromise - the gears in me noggin are already turning. hmmmmm.

hope everyone has a grand weekend. i hope to return on monday fairly refreshed and revamped. i'm burnt out on work and i'm burnt out on this city. luckily my friends and i already have a camping/hiking trip in the works for next month to enchanted rock. ah, i can't wait - i know it's exactly what i need.



Gledwood said...

Ciao Italia: yeah! White Heat... mmmm

sorry slight groove diversion...

done eat too much chocolate now hahaargh!!

Dandelion seeds said...

oh I adore the eddie poster at the bottom! I whole-heartedly support the spring cleaning-it has done wonders for me!!!! I know you will feel so much better!