Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Results Schmesults

i wasn't surprised with the mccain sweep. sickened, but not surprised.

i was however surprised by hillary's comeback. it's going to continue to be a close fight, which i think is unfortunate because this battle will go on for too long (not to mention it's going to get ugly from this point on as it was fairly civil up until this point) while mcdouchebag is off on the sidelines gearing up for the general election and the dems are still over here bickering at each other. it's going to boil down to the dem nom being either barack or hillary and vice versa for vp on the same ticket.

a proverbial rip - ron paul : i do hope you gear up again in 4 more years...i believe in you and i know you gained more momentum from supporters than you ever thought possible.

i know i said in my previous post about these elections that i wasn't going to fully support another candidate until the noms were chosen.....BUT i also didn't predict this hillary thing, so fuck it.

go obama.

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