Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

so i've been extended a very random offer on a whim. i've never been one to take any huge risks - i like adventure and i do seek it....but within the comfort of my own boundaries. especially after having my daughter, that sense of adventure has really gone by the wayside. i tend to live my life more so on the straight and narrow out of any obvious danger.

and this offer, as random as it may seem, appeals to me. do i step out of my comfort zone and experience something i've never done before? is it dangerous....hmmmm....not necessarily dangerous, but a little bit on the risky side. so do i take this leap of faith and this risk and experience this offer? it only involves 1 evening of my life.....but i think the experience will be one i will never forget. you only live this life once.

how do ya'll view taking risks? have you ever taken any steps out of your comfort zone for an experience and in turn was very glad that you did?


Dandelion seeds said...

what does your gut say? will it harm your ladybug? Does it involve illegal substances or getting naked or having a conversation with a known mobster or drug dealer?

if the answer to all of those is no...well...I dunno...might be interesting-ya know?

Butterfly said...

hehehe you are so funny! the answer is no to all of the above questions :)