Monday, March 03, 2008

Da Primaries

welp, so the big day is tomorrow for us and ohio. PLEASE go vote. it's very important. we've got to make a change you guys. if you've never voted before in your life or felt that your vote didn't count, now's the time to rethink that decision because your vote DOES count.

don't really have much else to say other than i have a gripe that i must vent about.

WHY don't people read? so i have a myspace account and after getting irritating friend requests from random people, i finally put up a very legible "please don't add me as a friend just to add me" and i STILL get atleast one a day. ugh. it's just irritating. i'm going to start being a bitch and replying to their requests stating, "go back and read my profile again you illiterate, no paying attention ass."

*edit : i had a 2nd gripe that i posted here this morning but i have since deleted because it was directed at one particular individual and i don't want my good bloggin buddies to feel like i was speaking to if you read earlier, it has nothing to do with ya'll :) *

that is all.

so i will leave you with this fitting song as our weather went from sunny, upper 70's this weekend to nasty, cold, raining and 40 degrees today. gotta love tejas.

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