Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who You Are To Me

in the 7 weeks that you have been out, i feel closer to you than i have EVER been. we have so much history together, but most of that previous history has been with you in a "fog". that history is mixed with some really good times and really special moments, but also some very hurtful and sad moments. regardless, it's ours. and we share it.

the past 7 weeks spending time with you and talking to you on the phone have been so pleasant and filled with great joy. the person that i have known deep down is here again. and i am so thankful and SO VERY PROUD of you. i know i don't say it enough. i've been there for you at your worst of times and now i'm fortunate enough to be here when your life is flourishing.

thank you for not leaving this life when the timing wasn't right for you and for not leaving on the wrong note. thank you for coming back to us. i can never imagine what you have gone through - through the times that i was there and the times that i wasn't there, but i see your strength shining through now. you used to tell me how weak you were....but don't you see how strong you are to come out of this?

of course i still worry - there's still that "what if" that you could fall off of this path. but there's something different inside of you this time. determination that i've never seen radiates from your being. i'm not much of the praying kind, but as close as i can get to it, i pray for your well-being and for your path of enlightenment to continue.

there's so many different types of love and i know we have shared quite a few aspects of love. from love that you share as in a childhood crush to love for a friend to intimate love and back again. when i say i love you - i mean all of these things.

so i just needed to take a moment to really tell you how proud of you i am and how very much i love you. thank you for bringing the person i know and love back. it means more to me than you will ever know.


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Dandelion seeds said...

laura, big love and joy to your friend.

and to you.

this post was beyond touching.