Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey Texas, I VOTED, did you?

today was a very hard decision for me.

i've been having an internal struggle for a while now about what i was going to do with my vote in these primaries.
did i vote for the candidate that i support 99% and i believe in, but realistically will not get his party's nomination? or do i vote for my 2nd choice in a completely different party (the party that in all honesty i affiliate more of my beliefs anyway) that is neck and neck with the other opponent?

i mulled this over in my brain until the point of it hurting a few times. i didn't know what i was going to do until this morning. i made the decision to vote for barack obama. and i can only hope that ron paul will run again in 4 years as he has already stated that he is NOT going to run independently. i felt a little sad when i walked out of the voting place. but i know in my heart that i made the right decision under the circumstances. since ron will not win the party's nomination, i knew i needed to give my vote to barack because i sure as hell don't want hillary to win the dem nomination....and since they are so close, i know my vote will count more this way.

so, i feel that i need to take my ron paul signs down as i can not honestly say that i voted for him today (although i wish circumstances were different and i could have). i will not show my true support for another candidate until the primaries are over and the dem and repub candidates have been decided.


Anonymous said...

I've always felt that the primaries/caucuses are a chance to vote your heart - no matter whether your choice has a chance of winning or not.

If Kucinich were still in the race, I would've voted for him since he was about the only one who closely matched my beliefs.

So, good on you for mulling it over and making a choice you can live with. ;)

Butterfly said...

thanks alan - i really wanted to go with what my heart said too, BUT considering the circumstances of the closeness of the race on the dem side, i decided i needed to go that route....otherwise, i would've gone with my heart. ;-)

Historical Wit said...

i bought into the Obama ticket a few months ago. I just never seen a political force like his yet. I have seen some flashes of brilliance, but nothing that has grown to what Obama has. So I voted Obama too, but is Dennis Kucinich was on my ballot I would have voted for him. I agree with him 100% on issues accoriding to this survey I took twice.

Jaime said...

nice blog. i voted for hillary. i like barack but i feel that she can do more internationally and also she has more experience. obviously, i'm the minority here in austin. everyone here has barack fever. personally, i don't get the hatred people have for hil. anyway, i will totally vote for either barack or hillary, depending on who wins the democratic nomination. i'm most def. not in love with either candidate.